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Scaffolding Your First Vite PWA Project New

Compatibility Note

Vite requires Node.js version 18.x.x or 20+. However, some templates may require a higher Node.js version to work, please upgrade Node if your package manager warns about it.

$ pnpm create @vite-pwa/pwa
$ yarn create @vite-pwa/pwa
$ npm create @vite-pwa/pwa@latest
$ bun create @vite-pwa/pwa

Then follow the prompts!

You can also directly specify the project name and the template you want to use via additional command line options. For example, to scaffold a Vite PWA + Vue project, run:

# pnpm
pnpm create @vite-pwa/pwa my-vue-app --template vue

# yarn
yarn create @vite-pwa/pwa my-vue-app --template vue

# npm 7+, extra double-dash is needed:
npm create @vite-pwa/pwa@latest my-vue-app -- --template vue

# bun
bun create @vite-pwa/pwa my-vue-app --template vue

See create-pwa for more details on each supported template: vanilla, vanilla-ts, vue, vue-ts, react, react-ts, preact, preact-ts, lit, lit-ts, svelte, svelte-ts, solid, solid-ts (templates can be found inside the templates folder).

Released under the MIT License.