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Nuxt 3


This PWA module can only be used with Vite.

Nuxt 3 Integration

vite-plugin-pwa provides the new @vite-pwa/nuxt module that will allow you to use vite-plugin-pwa in your Nuxt 3 applications.

You will need to install @vite-pwa/nuxt using:

npx nuxi@latest module add @vite-pwa/nuxt

To update your project to use the new @vite-pwa/nuxt module for Nuxt 3, you only need to change the Nuxt config file adding the @vite-pwa/nuxt module, move the vite-plugin-pwa options to the module options, and remove the vite-pwa-plugin plugin (if present):

export default defineNuxtConfig({
  modules: ['@vite-pwa/nuxt'],
  pwa: {
    /* your pwa options */

Using Nuxt 3 Plugin

@vite-pwa/nuxt will register a plugin that will provide PWA logic via $pwa property when the PWA is enabled ($pwa will be undefined if PWA disabled or running dev server without PWA dev options enabled).

You can access $pwa property directly inside your Vue component templates. You can also access to $pwa in your Vue script setup or in any other module via useNuxtApp().$pwa.

The module will provide the following features via $pwa property:

  • Prompt for update and offline ready via needRefresh and offlineReady properties.
  • Cancelling prompt for update application and offline via closePrompt function.
  • Update application when using prompt for update behaviour via updateServiceWorker function.
  • Intercepting beforeinstallprompt event via showInstallPrompt property: this feature will prevent the browser to show the default Install PWA Application prompt.
  • Cancelling install prompt via cancelInstall function.
  • Install PWA application via install function.
  • Service worker registration status via swActivated and registrationError properties.
  • Service worker registration via getSWActivated function.

You will need to activate pwa.client.installPrompt property in your Nuxt config file to enable beforeinstallprompt event interception: configure true or the key name used in local storage to store the beforeinstallprompt cancellation for your install prompt/widget.

Additionally, you can also configure periodic sync for updates, you can enable it via pwa.periodicSyncForUpdates property in your Nuxt config file: configure the interval in seconds in previous property.

You can disable this plugin by setting pwa.client.registerPlugin property to false in your Nuxt config file. In that case, you will need to import VanillaJS or Vue PWA virtual module in your application, and previous features will not be available (you can only access to the features exposed by the virtual module).


This is the initial release of @vite-pwa/nuxt integration, we're working to improve it and add more features.

PWA Installation Status from v0.3.5+

@vite-pwa/nuxt provides the new $pwa?.isPWAInstalled reactive property to check if your PWA application is installed.

Registering Web Manifest

To register the PWA web manifest in your Nuxt 3 application, @vite-pwa/nuxt provides the functional components VitePwaManifest and NuxtPwaManifest, you should add one of them to your app.vue or to all of your layouts (add only VitePwaManifest or NuxtPwaManifest).


You can enable registerWebManifestInRouteRules property in PWA configuration to register the web manifest in Nitro routeRules property: useful for example if your application is deployed to Netlify.

Payload Extraction from v0.3.1+ offline support

When you enable the experimental payloadExtraction flag in your Nuxt configuration file, @vite-pwa/nuxt will add **/_payload.json to the globPatterns array inside workbox or injectManifest option, depending on the configured strategy.

App Manifest from v0.3.1+ from Nuxt v3.8+ offline support

When you enable the experimental appManifest flag in your Nuxt configuration file, @vite-pwa/nuxt will:

  • add _nuxt/builds/**/*.json to the globPatterns array inside workbox or injectManifest option, depending on the configured strategy
  • remove revision entry from all service worker precache manifest files inside _nuxt/builds/ folder matching <UUID>.json pattern (UUID is a random generated string by Nuxt).


export interface PwaInjection {
   * @deprecated use `isPWAInstalled` instead
  isInstalled: boolean
   * From version v0.3.5+. 
  isPWAInstalled: Ref<boolean>
  showInstallPrompt: Ref<boolean>
  cancelInstall: () => void
  install: () => Promise<void>
  swActivated: Ref<boolean>
  registrationError: Ref<boolean>
  offlineReady: Ref<boolean>
  needRefresh: Ref<boolean>
  updateServiceWorker: (reloadPage?: boolean | undefined) => Promise<void>
  cancelPrompt: () => Promise<void>
  getSWRegistration: () => ServiceWorkerRegistration | undefined

declare module '#app' {
  interface NuxtApp {
    $pwa: UnwrapNestedRefs<PwaInjection>


VitePwaManifest/NuxtPwaManifest in app.vue

When adding VitePwaManifest or NuxtPwaComponent component to your app.vue:

  <VitePwaManifest />
  <NuxtPage />


  <NuxtPwaManifest />
  <NuxtPage />

then, the web manifest link will be added to your HTML pages:

    <link rel="manifest" href="/manifest.webmanifest">

Prompt for update and offline ready

<script setup>
// If you want to use it in setup, import from the nuxtApp.
const { $pwa } = useNuxtApp()

const toast = useToast()

onMounted(() => {
  if ($pwa.offlineReady)
    toast.success('App ready to work offline')

  <!-- You can use $pwa directly in templates! -->
  <div v-show="$pwa.needRefresh">
      New content available, click on reload button to update.

    <button @click="$pwa.updateServiceWorker()">

PWA Assets Experimental from v0.6.0

This new feature includes:

  • new NuxtPwaAssets component to include the PWA assets in your HTML pages: if you're using VitePwaManifest or NuxtPwaManifest component, replace it with NuxtPwaAssets: it will inject the web manifest link, the theme-color meta and the PWA icon links.
  • new PwaAppleImage, PwaAppleSplashScreenImage, PwaFaviconImage, PwaMaskableImage and PwaTransparentImage components to use PWA icons in your code base
  • new useApplePwaIcon, useAppleSplashScreenPwaIcon, useFaviconPwaIcon, useMaskablePwaIcon and useTransparentPwaIcon composables
  • injects $pwaIcons with all configured PWA icons: you can use them via useNuxtApp().$pwaIcons or inside your Vue templates

New components, composables and $pwaIcons injection are statically analisable, that's, pwa icons types are generated when running nuxt prepare command: if you want to disable the PWA assets you don't need to remove the code (you can remove unused components/code later if you want to remove the new feature).

Released under the MIT License.